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Older Pups

These classes are for puppies that are older than 20 weeks.  They have the same syllabus as our Puppy School classes but are exclusively for puppies aged 20 weeks – 1 year old.

Older pups
Older Pups

Older but not yet wiser

Once puppies move towards puberty and adolescence (usually at about 6 months of age), they are larger, stronger, livelier and more easily distracted. To save disturbing younger puppies, we have a cut off point for our puppy classes at 20 weeks (at the start of the course) so all older puppies need to go into the Older Pups classes.

Puppy School Syllabus

The Puppy School syllabus and format works well for older puppies and only few adjustments that are needed. For example, the puppy greeting part of the course where puppies greet other puppies may not always be possible depending on the mix and previous history of puppies in class.

For further information on the Puppy School syllabus, please go to see the Puppy Classes page.
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Since a class full of older puppies requires a teacher with more skill and ability for it to run smoothly, at Puppy School, our Older Pup classes are only run by our tutors and associates who are registered as Animal Training Instructors on the Animal Behaviour Training Council register.  This ensures anyone teaching Older Pup classes has the confidence and experience to run them well.

To avoid the risk of puppies that may not learn well in a class environment being booked into the class, tutors would like to speak to each potential client before booking.  For this reason, if you would like to attend an Older Pup class, please start by finding your local tutor to find out if they run these classes or where your nearest one might be.

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