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Puppy University

Puppy University is our follow-on course from Puppy School for puppies of any age (up to 1 year). Puppy University is designed to offer our clients a structured yet fun and educational course that tackles some of the challenges of owning an adolescent dog.

Good heel work
  • Puppy University is a set of six training classes lasting one hour each week.
  • The comprehensive programme has been specifically designed to develop further training and motivation.
  • Each training exercise gradually progresses building on your dog's understanding and reliability each week.
Puppy University

What will my dog learn?

  • 01 /
    Checking in
  • 02 /
    Building up a Retrieve
  • 03 /
    Verbal Markers
  • 04 /
    Life Rewards
  • 05 /
    Weekly Tricks
  • 06 /
    Developing ‘Leave’
  • 07 /
    Distance Cues
  • 08 /
    Developing loose lead walking
  • 09 /
    Developing ‘Stays’
  • 10 /
    Manners through gateways and doorways

What to expect from Puppy University

Puppy University is designed to improve the bond and working relationship between you and your dog, improving focus in distracting situations. It is our aim that everyone attending our Puppy University classes learns easily in a comfortable and encouraging atmosphere. At the end of our six-week course, dogs ‘graduate’ and receive a very special Puppy University; rosette and certificate for completing the course.
  • Puppy Uni rosettes
  • Spider retrieving paper
  • Puppy on Lap

When can I join?

Puppy University is designed as a follow-on course from our Puppy School but Puppy University is also suitable for those owners and dogs who have already secured a basic level of training.

To discuss whether this course would be suitable for your puppy or dog, please get in touch with your nearest Puppy School tutor who offers these classes.


Help and Advice

Throughout the course, your Puppy University tutor will be on hand to help you with any behaviour problems that you are experiencing.
In order to complete their training to host and teach Puppy University classes, our tutors have attended a five-day practical handling course with Gwen Bailey and other experienced Puppy School tutors, taught at an animal rescue centre working with adolescent shelter dogs.
All our tutors have received in-house behavioural training courses and keep up to date with the latest behavioural science.
  • Puppy Uni girl and pup

Your Local Class

Since further training is needed, not all Puppy School tutors are qualified to run Puppy University courses.  

To find out if your local tutor runs classes or to find out where your nearest Puppy Univeristy class is, for course price information, info on how to book onto a Puppy University course, and for further details, please use our class locator below and contact your local Puppy School tutor direct.  


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What Clients say
about Puppy School

  • “We had a wide range of breeds with us and Amanda knew the traits of each so well, knowing how to approach training with them all and adapting when necessary. Amanda made it so fun for the pups and us humans! Corky and I will miss it!”
    —   David
  • “Frankie is a natural puppy instructor with bags of energy and knowledge. The course was very informative and very enjoyable. Both Sassy and I have learned a great deal. I feel confident moving on with Sassy's training and look forward to future courses. Course was perfect and a huge thank you to Frankie, see you at the next course.”
    —   Jenny
  • “Great experience. I’ve been to dog training classes in the past and the instructors can be very “it’s your fault”, “you’re doing it wrong” to the owners, however, Eleanor was very patient, kind, and explained things in a helpful way rather than making you feel like you were at fault. Loved these classes. Rum loved them too!”
    —   Ryan
  • “It’s a fantastic course. The small sizes also really allow for personal tailoring if the exercise to suit my puppy. Neal made me so at ease when I struggled with something and there was never a I time I felt embarrassed to ask him to reexplain something I was struggling with.”
    —   Daniel
  • “It was a good experience for both us and Reuben. I think puppy training is valuable for all dogs and owners!”
    —   David