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Our Puppy School Tutors

Puppy School tutors are carefully selected to ensure they have experience with animals, good communication skills, empathy, compassion and respect for others. Tutors attend regular courses in animal behaviour and training techniques, and keep up to date with information that may be useful to new puppy parents.

Learning to Heel

All tutors have acquired a great deal of practical hands-on experience with different breeds and types of dog before joining Puppy School, as well as owning dogs themselves.

All our Puppy School tutors have been carefully selected for their experience and practical skills with dogs. Our tutors are also chosen to have empathy, respect and concern for people since it is essential that the same reward-based training techniques be extended to the owners of the puppies in the classes as well as the puppies themselves.
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Comprehensive Training for Tutors

Our Puppy School tutors and associate tutors must undergo extensive training before teaching Puppy School classes. This includes an application and interview process, six days of comprehensive theory tuition covering a range of topics from animal learning to lesson plans (taught predominently by founder and director, Gwen Bailey and Puppy School tutor of 15 years, Catherine Tomlinson, both of whom are APBC registered and registered with ABTC as clinical animal behaviourists, together with a range of other specialists within Puppy School), further coaching, mentoring and private study, 3 days of supervised practical work and a comprehensive correspondence course.

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Regular monitoring of classes and the latest science-based techniques

All Puppy School classes are inspected by experienced Regional Managers on a 6 monthly basis.  This offers support and refinement  and ensures our high standards are maintained.

Courses in behaviour problem solving, run by Association of Pet Behaviour practitioners, are attended twice a year to ensure the best advice is offered to owners with problem puppies.

Tutors are kept up to date with new ideas by regularly attending continuing professional development meetings including Puppy School conferences and exclusive Puppy School courses by leading trainers/behaviourists. In addition, tutors regularly attend seminars and conferences run by groups such as APBC, and BSAVA.

In addition, tutors have instant access to over 100 tutors' knowledge and advice via our dedicated online forum so clients can be assured that they get the combined knowlege of a huge group of experts.  


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The quality of the Puppy School tutors is incredible and can be seen by looking through the profiles of individual tutors. Many have certification in animal behaviour from accredited academic institutions.All have years of experience of working with dogs and puppies.

In addition, a number are full members of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors and, hence, registered as Clinical Animal Behaviourists (acknowledged by the Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC)).

The majority of our tutors and associate tutors are recognised as Animal Training Instructors with the ABTC, and others are working towards the qualification.  

Many are accredited by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, a benchmark of excellence in positive reward-based dog training.

Many of our tutors have thriving careers as behaviourists, as veterinary nurses, or in rescue shelters. Others work as accountants or teachers, or raise families but run puppy classes and have other dog-related interests in their free time. Quite a few of our tutors work as dog sitters, dog walkers or dog groomers. Some are volunteers involved in dog walking, home visiting or fostering. Some do puppy walking or work for the assistance dog charities. All own their own dogs, from Affenpinschers and Pugs to Labradoodles and Wirehaired Vizslas, and many are interested in scent work, obedience, agility, gun dog work, scent work, Canicross and Hoopers.

All tutors have a common passion for puppies and a keen interest in animal welfare and behaviour. Everyone contributes regularly to the exclusive Puppy School forum where ideas and problems are discussed and solutions offered. This allows for our massive collective knowledge to be tapped into whenever necessary to help puppies and their owners.



What Clients say
about Puppy School

  • “Absolutely loved it, learnt so much and Crunchie loved it to. Will miss it so will hopefully book on to the next stage”
    —   Laura
  • “This course was fantastic. Jenny the trainer has a wealth of knowledge. Extremely approachable, and gave sound advice to our queries. She really knows her stuff. The groups size was just perfect, which meant each pup was not overwhelmed. I would recommend the course and definitely recommend Jenny. She was brilliant.”
    —   June
  • “A friendly, professional class, taught by an instructor with a deep understanding and experience of working with puppies. Plus, it was lots of fun!”
    —   Rita
  • “Big compliments to Claire! The way she just understands the dogs and being able to explain that has been a game changer. Her knowledge and expertise makes her a great puppy/dog trainer. I am already recommending Claire to everyone! She loves what she does and that shows. Would recommend to everyone with a puppy :)”
    —   Emily
  • “Celia clearly has many years of puppy and dog training, handling and behaviour experience. I would definitely recommend her puppy classes to everyone as she covers quite a range of skills, in a relatively small group, which ensures that every participant is given equal time to learn and practice new skills.”
    —   Jan